Mark-making Exercises

I have documented my mark-making exercises and reflections on this blog. Please don’t judge any of my drawings. They are merely marks on the page, quickly sketched drawing exercises to engage my senses and promote mindfulness throughout my day. I find that mark-making practice helps me create my own visual vocabulary that I can use in my mixed media encaustic paintings.

These mark-making exercises may be done on your own or in a group as a warmup for an art class or workshop.

The blog includes amazon affiliate links to books with mark-making exercises as well as art products. Your purchases support this site. I receive affiliate gift cards, so I can buy some more art supplies.

If you follow along and do any of the exercises in your own sketchbook, I would love to hear your reflections on the exercise, please add comments below the posts.

What is mark-making?

Mark-making describes the different marks (lines, dots, patterns, and textures) we create in a work of art.  Artists have their own vocabularies of marks.

Latest mark-making exercises

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