#34: Expressive Line – Lyrical

Continuing to create a vocabulary of expressive lines, today’s word is “lyrical“.

Gather Materials:

  • a piece of paper
  • a drawing tool of your choice

Today’s Exercise


1. (of literature, art, or music) expressing the writer’s emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way.”the poet’s combination of lyrical and descriptive power”synonyms:expressive, emotional, deeply felt, personal, subjective, passionate, lyric”lyrical love poetry”

2. relating to the words of a popular song.”the lyrical content of his songs”

  • Think about the word lyrical. What does lyrical mean?
  • Adopt the automatic-drawing approach put yourself in a receptive frame of mind.
  • How does lyrical feel in your body? What does lyrical look like?
  • Now, draw lyrical without exercising conscious control over the image.
  • When you’re done, write the word “lyrical” on the page using the same lyrical line.

Reflections on the Exercise

  • Physically: I felt the movement in my body as I made the lyrical line
  • Visually: the lyrical line flows and curves in a rhythmic fashion

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