#30: Forced to use your non-dominant hand

This week I read someone’s Facebook post about an injury to their dominant hand and how they had to find new ways to make art with their non-dominant hand.  I felt sympathy for her as I am very uncomfortable using my left hand. This morning I have a sore neck and my right arm is hurting. So I thought this is a perfect time to let my left non-dominant hand have a go at an exercise. I am not alone, most people cannot draw very effectively with the hand that they are not used to using. 

Gather Materials:

  • an artist’s journal, unlined notebook, or piece of paper
  • pencil or pen

Today’s Exercise

Begin by sitting comfortably with your pencil and sketchbook. Take your pencil in your non-dominant hand then draw

  • three squares
  • three circles
  • three triangles, and 
  • print or write today’s date
non-dominant-hand exercise

Reflections on the Exercise

  • I used a thick charcoal pencil for my simple shapes and found it to be easier than I was expecting.
  • I switched to a thin tipped pen for the date. The date was difficult. I started to wonder if the thin pen made a difference so I repeated the shapes with the thin pen… it didn’t make any difference.
  • So, good to know, my left hand isn’t bad at doing simple shapes

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