#36: Draw better circles

Yesterday’s exercise showed me that I need more practice drawing circles. Today’s exercise comes from My Drawing Tutorials. The video, exercise sheets and images come from their post.

Gather Materials:

Today’s Exercise

Practice circles and ellipses

  • Sit comfortably with the exercise sheets in front of you
  • watch the video below and read over the quick tips

Quick tips to help you get the most out of this exercise

  • use your shoulder if you find that your pencil movement are a little stiff and jerky it’s probably because you’re trying to draw it with just your wrist. Relax your arm and move the pencil using your shoulder joint, you’ll find that you get much smoother lines this way
  • practice using different drawing grips you can do this exercise using a tripod/writing grip or an overhand grip. The tripod grip gives you more precision and is better for the smaller shape, while the overhand grip gives you more fluidness and is better for larger shapes.
  • practice mindfully  key to this exercise is focus. When your mind wanders you’ll find that your pencil will start to stray off the track. Try to focus on the tip of the pencil and its point of contact with the paper.
  • and don’t rush it Go as slow as you need to ensure perfect pencil control when you get into it this can be very relaxing and almost like a meditation.
  • turn it into a game  start with the smallest shape and do three perfect revolutions, then reverse the direction and go the other way and if I succeed I can move on to the next level but if I make a mistake I’ll have to start all over again. Something about the start all over rule really turns up your focus and keeps you engaged 

Reflections on the Exercise

  • I’m better doing counter-clockwise circles than clockwise ones… I think it’s because I have to focus harder
  • I have to look at the photo to do the overhand grip. It is hard to hold the pencil this way but it does make me focus harder
  • I realize that when using the tripod / writing grip I’m using my wrist not my shoulder.
  • I’m going to keep these sheets on my desk and try to go over them again and again whenever I’m on the phone and see if I improve.

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