#2: Word Prompt – Light

A collaborative drawing exercise

This is a fun mark making exercise for when you are in a group. It is a good way to interact with others in a class or workshop setting.

Gather Materials:

  • A group of friends or a class – If you don’t have a group use 4 different mark-making tools and respond with each different tool 
  • A loose piece of paper
  • pencil(s) – coloured or not
  • A timer

Today’s Exercise

The word prompt is “light“.

  • Everyone will write their name on the back of the piece of paper (so they get their own back again at the end)
  • One person will not participate in the exercise. They will keep track of the timer and choose a word.
  • The word chosen for this collaborative mark making exercise was “light“.
  • Everyone has 1 minute to draw in response to the word light at the end of the minute you pass your sheet to the person next to you
  • The timer is reset. You now have 1 minute to add your own marks. You no longer need to be concerned with the word prompt, just respond to the marks on the page.
  • When the timer goes off, stop and pass the paper on. Continue this until everyone gets back their original paper.
exquisite corpse exercise - light

Reflections on the Exercise

  • When doing my own drawing I am self-conscious thinking others will see it and judge me.  My inner critic is a bitch.
  • I felt free working on other people’s drawings as, by the time it got back to them, they wouldn’t know which were my marks.
  • I enjoyed responding to marks by others
  • It is interesting to see the variety of mark-making tools used: a pen, pencil, coloured pencil, charcoal.
  • This is a good way to start a workshop. Get’s everyone interacting and thinking about line and mark.

Credit: I did this drawing with a group at a workshop at the Big Dramatic Questions Art Retreat with  Lorraine Glessner

Here Debbie hands my drawing to Jane who adds red marks to it.

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