#12: Blind Contour Self Portrait

A continuous line drawing is one in which a single, unbroken line is used to develop the image. Once you place your pen or pencil on the surface, do not remove it until the drawing is complete. Your goal is to describe the subject with one, singular line. The line can double back on itself becoming thicker in areas, but it should never break.

A blind contour drawing is one where you look at the object you are drawing but not at the page. 

Gather Materials:

  • an artist’s journal, unlined notebook, or piece of paper
  • a pencil or pen

Today’s Exercise

Self Portrait Blind Contour drawing

I’m not one to take selfies and I don’t like doing blind contour drawings … so here goes. Let’s get two things over in one exercise.

  • sit uncomfortably in front of a mirror,
  • put your pen or pencil to the paper, and start drawing
  • remember, you can’t lift your pen/pencil from the paper
  • and you can’t look at the paper… trace the contours of your face with your eyes while you move your hand.

Reflections on the Exercise

  • This one was actually kinda fun. I had a good laugh when I got to take a look.
  • I was just about done when I realized I had missed my mouth and had to move across to the other side of my head and down again.
  • I am embarrassed to publish this, although as it is drawn blind there’s no expectation that it will be well done

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