#26: Drawing simultaneously with both hands

This exercise involves drawing with your dominant and non-dominant hands at the same time. 

Gather Materials:

  • an artist’s journal, unlined notebook, or piece of paper
  • two pencils, pens or markers – you may want to choose two different colours
  • a timer

Today’s Exercise

  • Sit comfortably with your paper or sketchbook on a table 
  • Set the timer for 2 minutes
  • Take a drawing implement in each hand
  • Draw so your left and right hand mirror each other
  • As you draw, constantly move your eye horizontally from left to right, comparing the line each hand is making
  • Try to synchronize the lines you are making, so that the shapes speak to each other across the form
Simultaneous drawing with left and right hands

Reflections on the Exercise

  • It would be better to slow down
  • Where my dominant right hand drew curves, my non-dominant left hand drew pointed
  • The circles on the side of the page were hard with my left hand… my brain didn’t know which way to make the curve… I felt the confusion

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