#3: Observe then draw blind

This is a blind contour, continuous line drawing using first your dominant hand and then your non-dominant hand.

Gather Materials:

  • An artist’s journal, unlined notebook, or piece of paper
  • A pencil
  • An object to dra
  • A timer

Today’s Exercise

  • Pick an object in the room and stare at it intently for one minute. I chose an aluminum foil cup.
  • Close your eyes and imagine the object in your mind’s eye…try to see its colour, its shape, any texture that it has.
  • Open your eyes and look at the object for another minute.
  • Set your timer for two minutes and then close your eyes and draw it continuously. Don’t lift the pencil or open your eyes until the timer goes off.
  • If you “finish” drawing your object in under two minutes just draw it again right on top of itself.

Repeat with your non-dominant hand

  • Now turn the paper over and begin again but this time with your pencil in your non-dominant hand
  • Again, keep your eyes closed and draw without lifting your pencil or opening your eyes for the full two minutes. 

Reflections on the Exercise

  • My dominant, right-hand, drawing is smaller and tighter and more controlled
  • My left, non-dominant, hand produced a larger and looser drawing
  • I did this in a workshop setting. I felt very vulnerable with my eyes closed.

1 thought on “#3: Observe then draw blind”

  1. This was interesting! As I was looking at the object I felt like I ‘knew’ I couldn’t draw it and I felt kind of ‘negative’, but once I was done, even though what I drew didn’t look like anything, I actually liked what I drew. 🙂 So, a positive there at the end! 🙂 Thanks for providing these ideas!

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